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landscaping consultancy services
Our landscape designers are constantly challenged to find something mesmerizing and innovative, new and different in their landscaping designs. Our emphasis is on constant landscape quality, but we also appreciate the colorful twist and turns that go along with creating a beautiful landscaping environment.

The landscape design procedure begins by measuring the site and taking digital photographs. A plan is required to determine property lines and to confirm existing features. Landscape design will be developed to scale, including existing features and will incorporate the concepts discussed during the landscaping site consultation.
Working Procedure
We are highly obliged for offering you our services.
Following are the 4 phases of our work:
  • Collection of information.
  • Designing of landscapes.
  • Execution of proposed landscapes.
  • Maintenance (After execution services)

Collection of Information
We do collect information about site measurements, workable area, Rain water pits, water points, specific likings of plants by Owner. We Also collect information about day & time of Grah-Pravesh, So that to recommend Shape, Size, height of Different Plants. We also collect digital photographs of site to discuss about its landscape with experts.

Designing of landscapes:
After completion of First Step, we start designing your landscapes.
This will cost you …………………… (50% advance & rest afterwards). In this we provide you Drawings & recommendations for the site.
  • Name of Rare Plants, shrubs, trees to be planted
  • Where to be planted.
  • Space between the plants.
  • Estimated cost of Plants.
  • Grassing Area (which grass to be planted)
  • Height & size of Plants
  • Method of their plantation.
  • Which insecticide, pesticide, herbicide to be used before & after plantation.
  • Manure Input.
  • Time for Use of Urea, Dye on grass.
  • Instructions for Cutting & trimming Timings.

Execution of proposed landscapes
We can fix a time span in which proposed landscaping will be implemented. You are free to choose following;-
  1. Get it executed by your own or a small contractor or your existing team of mali's can also do it otherwise We will Appoint a Horticulture supervisor for its implementation. Rs 500 per day will be charged from your side for his assistance.
  2. Labour can be provided by you or we can also able to supply labour @275/- per day. No. of labourer * 275/- needs to be given on daily basis by your site eng. or authorized person.
  3. We will give our cost of each & every plant & grass . You can also provide those by your own source if there is cost effectiveness.
  4. Extra trolleys for soil, manure & recommended insecticides, pesticides & others have to be provided by you or we can also get it on your behalf. In that case cost will be bear by you & bill needs to be cleared on same day.

Maintenance (After execution services):-
After implementation of landscaping we will be visiting your site every 15 days to see progress for next 3 months which will cost you Rs 2000/- per month. We can also provide our labour for maintenance at your cost.

We are committed for providing you best solutions for landscaping at your worksite.
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rana associates consultancy rana associates consultancy    
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